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Special orders over $200 will receive free ground shipping. Special Orders under $200 will be charged $15 flat rate shipping. CONTINENTAL USA ONLY. 
All special orders must be pre-paid and are non-returnable and non-refundable for any reason.

Step 1:
 Download form with link below.

Step 2: Send in your completed form with payment information.

Fax: 806.748.1521 or Email: orders@allamericantees.com

Step 3: Your products will arrive in 1-5 business days or pickup in store.

Please call if you have any questions at 806.748.1494.

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Popular Special Order Styles

SO-N4329 SO-N5334 SO-N2375 SO-N5283 SO-NW5341 SO-N3256 SO-N3296 SO-N3266 SO-N3294 SO-N3305 SO-N4249 SO-N6162 SO-N4212 SO-N4136 SO-N6141 SO-S8005 SO-S8009 SO-NW4245 SO-N4234 SO-N6189